domingo, 23 de setembro de 2012

I Have Seen My Love

I have seen my love.
For a while I could softly run my fingers through her golden hair.
Could stop and look at her face, alone,
The most beautiful I had ever seen,
Yet, her ocean eyes could reflect how lovely she could be.
Her hands, so warm and small, touched mine
Just like our lips, in a slowly and tender kiss – out of space and out of time.
Her warmth, her laugh, her heart and our love,
So deep and quiet that she didn’t know we were already falling.
Her intelligence, flowing in her mind through innocent ways,
Makes (pure) all the things we see,
And I admire her smile, sublime, on sunny days.
Our chemical has many forms and transforms every different couple.
That’s why they fall in love. A love that would last forever,
If those reactions didn’t change.
Late at night, when I have visions of my angel, I come to her and watch her sleep.
I open my mind and make sweet dreams, the sweetest dreams to dream,
Just to be in love every morning.
In love with a lover so true,
A love which makes me happy,
A love so pure and beautiful,
That remains living,
And loving,
Loving my love for you.

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