sábado, 11 de abril de 2015


How few are my emotions! Yet, my mind attracts
more than enough thoughts of sensations and devotions.
Those pills I take to hide my mental illness, my madness
and all those thoughts about death and lack of time to live
end me in agony and faintness.

My struggled heart, my grasped brain and caged soul scream!
Sad and furious, I may not be the heroes and villans I dreamed about.
And they steal my memories! They steal my loving flame!
I cannot be myself anymore! I'm a liquid puppet, a product of blame!

We dread to be dead. We are terrified of losing people for the grave.
All my detested feelings seem to be lost for my medicine.
I am an icy man trying to find my way in unslept nights,
reckless visions, cuts, scars, suicide.

How few are my emotions! Yet, I shall not tell you
what upsets, distresses and makes me want to kill myself.
Through quietness and solitude, I make my own path.
I am the champion. I am above all gods.
I could die in peace right now.

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