sexta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2016

The Angel of Death

The Angel of Death with his wings were seen
when the skies were dark, but the rest was green.
And he breathed in the face of a beautiful lady,
whose eyes got lost in his deadly and shady
heart - so empty and cold - she wished to die.

So, the Angel of Death took her with him
when the skies were dark and the rest was green.
And his clasped hands grasped her head out of sight...
when the lady's body, like the stars of the night
awoke from a darkling sleep:

The Angel of Death was gone as her memory,
so deep and quiet as a glass with no emery.
And when the lady realized it was just a dream
about the skies that were dark and the rest that was green,
she killed herself with his son's sword...

and melted the mercy and glance of our Lord.

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